I grew from the suburbs of New Jersey to the hills of California and to the mountains of Asia and Suramérica. Since the beginning of my design career in 2014, I've  explored many areas of design: advertising, branding, packaging, illustration, and editorial. I find that my passion isn't for one specific area, but for good, intuitive design.
In my present time, I’ve found myself inspired by artefacts. Thus, bringing this inspiration to a contemporary art that expands across different mediums.​​​​​​​
I believe I was chosen for my name and not the other way around. When in alignment, the Arabic literature of Qaadira Ihsaan completes itself as the literal translation: powerful excellence. Qaadira signifies power and strength while Ehsan signifies perfection and excellence. Together these initials create “Qi”. In Ancient Chinese, it is defined as the vital life force of energy which flows through a space. With my intuitive source of expression, I bring forth powerful excellence for much goes into the vibrations we speak.
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