sound traveler records
Sound Traveler Records is a music and travel platform designed to bring people together through art and music, created by DJ/Producer Mike Polarny. The project consisted of digital marketing, typography, and a unique color palette. I illustrated the graphic images for the marketing materials. 
Illustration, Brand and Layout Design
the use of symbology in the logomark
Following the original graphic idea, without using the obvious composition, I created an impactful solution by giving importance to a collection of objects, their shapes and details. I combined the illustrated elements, forming a new identity respecting the origin of his music.
A message through the color palette
Sound Traveler's brand identity needed a particular pairing in terms of colour. Following Polarny's ideas about his connection to Latin and Caribbean music, I wanted to portray the nature of his music by way of the culture and through the color palette, using vibrant colors to transmit a traditional message.
Applying the brand design to collateral
The brand design had to be implemented in a way that it would be understood and felt by patrons of the music. As a part of my mission, I created an experience for each individual.
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