Qaadira Ihsaan is a multimedia and art direction based in Medellín, Colombia. She collaborates with marketers and advertisers in the art of storytelling.

Art Direction
Takes the raw concept of your business and transforms it into a narrative. Full-service project management and design assistance for new businesses, rebrands, and special projects.

Is a powerful design that illustrates the heart and soul of your business. Timeless forms that define your business values, truths, and stories.

Defines the consumer experience. Abstract designs that reveal the essence of your brand.
Illustration ︎
Hieroglyphics are an ancient way of communicating through images. Glyphs are a powerful tool for storytelling in a modern context. Think logo packages, brand kits, apparel, accessories, books, and home decor.

Album Cover Art ︎
Music tells a story through sound. Empathetic visual art that interprets the spirit of your music.

Intuitive and symbolic designs for e-books, magazines, and reports.

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