Qaadira Ihsaan is an Art Director and Illustrator and based in Medellín, Colombia. She collaborates with marketers and artisans in the art of storytelling.

Art Direction ︎
Takes the raw concept of your business and transforms it into a narrative. Full-service project management and design assistance for new businesses, rebrands, and special projects.

Branding ︎
Is a powerful design that illustrates the heart and soul of your business. Timeless forms that define your business values, truths, and stories.

Packaging ︎
Defines the consumer experience. Abstract designs that reveal the essence of your brand.
Illustration ︎
Hieroglyphics are an ancient way of communicating through images. Glyphs are a powerful tool for storytelling in a modern context. Think logo packages, brand kits, apparel, accessories, books, and home decor.

Album Cover Art ︎
Music tells a story through sound. Empathetic visual art that interprets the spirit of your music.

Editorial ︎
Intuitive and symbolic designs for e-books, magazines, and reports.